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The atmosphere we offer awakens all senses.

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts is a dynamic and fast-growing hospitality company currently operating six resorts within the Maldives and is set to further expand in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan.

All of our locations have their own story to tell and their unique energy. This energy can be felt in the spirit of the people, land and nature that call the islands home. By tapping into this spirit and celebrating it, each resort can flavour its voice through distinctive design, natural seascapes and landscapes, service styles, and the freshest and finest cuisine.

Allow us to sweep you away on immersive journeys through the rich and bountiful shores of the Indian Ocean. This spirit of generosity we direct into every aspect of your experience. It’s the instinct to do more for others that intuitively creates a sense of home. Every day, we write a new chapter in nature’s book; stories that we hope you hold dear and return to on your next visit.

To give joyfully, you must give with your heart and soul. This energy inspires all that we do for our guests, colleagues, and partners. ‘Joy of Giving’ begins with a personalized holiday that anticipates everything a guest could dream of. Each stay is an opportunity to learn how to refine and elevate the individual experiences we craft for guests. So they are free to delight in each and every moment of their journey, without worry. Our philosophy has always been human-centred; deeply connected to who we are as people. This is our gift. The essence of true hospitality is to restore the body and inspire the mind of anyone who spends their precious time with us.

Our Core Values

At Atmosphere, our values are what we believe in, how we operate, and who we are. It is at the heart of all we do. It is our way of putting integrity into everything we do. As we grow and evolve, our core values remain a constant guiding force for us.

Emotionally Sincere

We believe - hand on heart - in doing the very best for our guests and our colleagues. We truly and deeply care about those we serve and seek to ensure we always strive to the utmost of our abilities to improve their happiness.

Intelligently Simple

We act with care, consideration and thought to provide the best possible experiences to our guests without fuss or complexity.

Intuitively Innovative

We have an instinct to proactively and dynamically respond to the world of needs of the guests we serve. Creating and evolving to provide hospitality without limits.

Honestly Different

We have a genuinely different perspective on the world. One that allows us to see things from a unique point of view, we see the best in the world around us and believe life is for us all to enjoy.

Company Journey


In just seven years, we have launched six resorts in the Maldives, with the latest addition being OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI. We are poised for further expansion with two resorts opening in Malé Atoll at the end of 2021 and two resorts under development at Tangalle, Sri Lanka.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Get to know our highly experienced leadership team, who are responsible for chartering Atmosphere Hotels & Resort's long-term growth strategy, vision, and success.

salil panigrahi
Salil Panigrahi Co-Founder & Managing Director
Dillip Ratha
Dillip Ratha Deputy Managing Director Finance & Treasury
Shrikant Dash Deputy Managing Director Corporate
Stephane Laguette Chief Commercial Officer
Souvagya Mohapatra
Souvagya Mohapatra Managing Director – India, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bhutan